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Campgrounds opens at 11am Friday May 31st, 2019



No charcoal or open fires are permitted except in existing and marked fire pits.

Small camp stoves and small propane barbecues will be permitted if there are no local fire bans that in effect during the festival.  Please check for updates.

Due to the overwhelming amount of requests for reserved camping in past years, we will be offering an opportunity to reserve space in the camping zones on April 9th, 2019. On that date we will release a site map identifying each reservable camp zone; beach, family, RV and walk-in. Camping in the car camping field is the only zone that is already included in the price of your Campout ticket. Prices start at $10 per person in the “Family Camping” zone (18 and under are free) and top out at $199 with the premier RV area, these fees are in addition to your Campout ticket price. This will allow us to better manage, clean up and service the massive 200-acre property.

Please note: Parking fees are an additional $20 per vehicle. This is to encourage carpooling and allow for more space to play! These fees go directly to greening efforts and help to mitigate our environmental impact as a community.

RV Camping - Sturgeon Moon Zone

NEW LOCATION. Above the event space on the ridge overlooking the festival and the Collegiate Peaks. For those groups who enjoy a few more creature comforts and want to bring their home away from home, RV passes will be available. Space is limited and attendee RV’s are allowed on-site only in the RV zone, there are no additional parking or camping fees with the RV pass. Check out our Ticket page for details. Additional cars and trailers will need to be parked in adjacent parking lots, separate from the RV parking area at the cost of $20/space. The following types of RVs are welcome: Class A (Motorhome); Class B (Camper van); Class C (Smaller motorhome); Travel/Teardrop Trailer; Folding/Pop-Up Trailer; Truck Camper; Fifth Wheel.

Family Camping - FLOWER Moon zone

A special family camp zone will be delegated for groups with children who need an additional quiet zone buffer for a peaceful night of sleep. A short walk from the venue along a bubbling brook, in the shade of tall trees is where the tiny wild things camp. This zone will allow for a single vehicle (under 18’ long) close by in a designated parking zone.


Walk-in camping is for those who wish to camp closest to the venue and be near to the main stage. These spots are located in between the river and the venue with a peek-a-boo view of the Collegiate Peaks. You will be able to drive up and unload your camp and then move your car. Please move your car first and then set up your camp so everyone can get in to Camp! There is no option to leave your car in this camping area.

Beach Camping - HARVEST Moon Zone

Beach camping is great option for people without small children as it is located next to the stand-up paddle pond. These spots are located in the tree grove with lots of shade. This zone will allow for a single vehicle (under 18’ long) near (but not next to), your tent.

CAR/walk in CAMPING - snow Moon zone

Snow Moon camping is a great option for people that want to be next to or closer to their cars. This creekside, shady area is a 10 min walk from the main stage. These spots are located in the tree grove with lots of shade, plus a more open field area. This zone will allow for a single vehicle (under 18’ long) near your tent, or close to your tent.

CAR CAMPING - buck Moon zone

Located about a 10 minute walk to the venue, the Buck Moon Zone is a large open field to set your tent up next to your car or truck. In this camping zone the camping fee is included with your Campout Ticket, you will only need to pay the $20/ vehicle to camp here. Note, there is no shade in this zone.


  • There will be potable water refill stations in the venue by the bar. If you have large jugs that need filling we suggest a wagon for ease.

  • Bring bikes

  • No generators except in RV sites.

  • Quiet hours 11 pm - 8 am.

  • We do have 2 food vendors on site. Town is a short drive for forgotten essentials.

  • We are in the wild, bears and deer are not uncommon, use common sense and give animals a wide berth. Do not try to feed or approach them, let’s help to keep our wild friends wild. Keep all food and other tasty tidbits locked in a vehicle or bear proof containers.

  • All vehicles entering the festival (a vehicle is considered anything requiring a license plate) will be charged $20/vehicle fee. In addition any trailers or pull behind campers will need a vehicle pass, even if they do not require a license plate.

  • Camping in all zones (except the Buck Moon Zone) can be reserved on April 9th, 2019.

  • No pets are allowed anywhere onsite. Please leave your furry, hairy or scaly friends at home.

  • Camping is sold per person (kids under 18 are free) and per vehicle not per site.

One of the best things about summertime in Colorado is the act of pitching a tent and sitting peacefully beside it. Among the some of other incomparable advantages of our festival site, at The Meadows in Buena Vista, are the plethora of beautiful camp zones to choose from. Tall stately trees frame the open fields and a winding river flows lazily along one side of the property. You will feel inspired as the rejuvenating sunlight peeks through the leaves during the day, to warm your face, and the unending stars light your way home at night. In “The Meadows” we believe that there is no bad space to make your home.