Can I Camp With My Friends?

By now we all know that getting into any kind of event can be stressful and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Most people’s main concerns are that they’d like to be able to stick with their group and to make sure they have the passes or wristbands they need to keep anyone from saying, “Hey you can’t camp here!”

Don’t worry…we’ve got you.

SO, Can I Camp with my Friends?

Short answer: absolutely.

Long answer: Absolutely, and here are the details, the how’s, and the why’s.

Before we go into any of these details - please keep these two important things in mind:

  1. There is to be NO parking of any kind within 100 ft. of water.

  2. Please carpool.

Both of these things will help keep this festival site beautiful and easy to manage, which will make your experience better as well. If you see someone who missed the memo about parking near water, feel free to fill them in as kindly as you can. We appreciate you helping with that.

Moving on!

When you look at the site map you’ll see 6 public campgrounds: Buck, Sturgeon, Snow, Harvest, Wolf, Moon Flower.

Is any camping included in the festival ticket?

When you buy a festival ticket, car and/or tent camping is included in Buck Moon. If you’re not worried about where you camp, or with whom you camp, you are all set and Buck Moon Campground will be your happy home. You will need to pay $20 for your car, but will not need to purchase any kind of camping pass. This area isn’t particularly shaded so we recommend an EZ-Up if you’re planning to take this route.

What if I want to be creekside and don’t mind separating from my car?

Wolf Moon is the only campground that does not allow parked vehicles. If you’ve reserved a space in Wolf Moon, you may drive up and unload your car before parking it. Please do not set up your campsite while your car is there. Unload, park, then get settled. One of our camping staffers will show you the designated car parking for Wolf Moon campers.

What if I want to camp with my posse?

Let’s suppose you’re coming with a big group, you’re coming at different times, different cars, the whole sha-bang. Check out the site map again, decide as a group which campground suits your collective fancy, then have everyone in your party purchase a $10 camping pass in that campground. If one portion of the group arrives earlier, it’s acceptable to hold space for the rest, but please be considerate about it. We’ve got a lot of folks joining us for the weekend!

If you’ve reserved a space in Wolf Moon, you may drive up and unload your car before parking it. Please do not set up your campsite while your car is there.

What do you recommend for families or if I’m looking for a quieter camp zone?

If you’ve got kiddos in your group, we recommend Moon Flower Family Camping, as it will be significantly quieter than any other campground. Adults over 18 need to purchase Moon Flower campground passes to reserve their site, but camping is free if you’re under 18. This area allows for a single vehicle per group.

I’m bringing the whole rig. Where can I camp?

Now let’s talk about RV’s. For obviously and very understandable reasons, people love to camp near their friends with RV’s. If this is the case, you can have up to 5 tents and a maximum of 2 cars (including the tow vehicle) in your surrounding RV area. Each adult over 18 will need to purchase a Sturgeon Moon camping pass to be able to camp in that area.

What if I don’t know where I want to camp? Can I purchase my spot at the box office?

Sure! But please know that by festival weekend camping options will be limited. We absolutely encourage you to purchase in advance!

Please note that parking costs $20 per car, no matter where you’re parking or camping, and RV passes are an additional $199. Again- carpooling is the way to go!