"How Was Your Weekend?!"

Ever wish you could stay in touch with everyone you met at a music festival? It would be so lovely to know how every person’s weekend went, what kind of magical things happened to them, and to hopefully see them again the following year. We spent a lot of time getting the festival in order, then we all spent a great weekend together. But in the end we wanted to know- How’d we get so lucky to have you join us? How was your weekend?

We asked a few festival goers to tell us about their experiences and here’s what they had to say!

“Campout exceeded our expectations. After a long winter we were itching to get outside in the Colorado sunshine. BV was the perfect setting for that adventure. We spent one day rafting with friends, one day mountain biking, and enjoyed phenomenal bands between those outings. It was small, intimate, and instilled a sense of community unparalleled to any other festival I have been to in Colorado. The sunset behind the Collegiate peaks was worth the trip itself. We truly enjoyed the experience & can’t wait to be back under those beautiful BV skies!” - Natalie B

“I was pretty stressed out leading up to Campout because I had my wedding coming up, so I was just looking for a reason to put my phone away and relax and listen to good music in nature with a few friends. That’s everything it was & more. Not only that, but the community was awesome. I got lost a few times and made some cool friends. Loved the yoga class. Got attacked by kids dressed as lions guarding the teepee…LOL kind of died at that. And forever impressed with WinterWonderWomen. I came home with a full heart and abs from laughing so much.” -Clair C

My reason for attending Campout is simple: for the people and community. Everybody wants to feel like they are part of something great, but unfortunately that's harder to find than you think out there in the real world. Kindness, love, and respect are alive and well at Campout for the Cause, and that's something worth coming back for." - Jay S.

“I love Buena Vista, and this year’s Campout lineup was full of my favorites. Unfortunately, we were only able to come up for the final day. Ultimately, I was looking for a something that was reachable by Denver and worth a day trip, which it certainly was! The Sunday experience was so incredible and full of life that I definitely intend on being there for the whole weekend next year. My expectations were high to begin with, but Campout exceeded them!” -Lindsay S

Lindsay Lou’s gospel hour had us all feeling like we would fly away. The short weather delay was more than worth the upcoming magic that would unfold upon those who decided to stick it out. The Pickin’ On The Dead set, aside from the occasional banjo guest appearance, was more of a electric affair and featured a rotating cast of musicians. During their cover of “Werewolves of London,” everyone was howling at the moon as the rain started to sprinkle down again. Gasoline Lollipops had people out in the rain stomping their feet to their twangy blues rock and roll. It was my first time seeing them, and they were the surprise the festival for me. The lead singer featured two microphones he would use to achieve two different effects, which was quite innovative. The California Honeydrops surprise set was hands down the highlight of the evening. Under the tent, the funk was grooving and a guest appearance by Lindsay Lou about blew the roof off of that place. To wrap it all up, following a heartfelt thank you from festival organizer, Billy Strings took the stage and delivered a masterful performance with highlights including a cover of Phish’s “Back on the Train” and “Summertime Blues,” culminating in a encore performance of “Proud Mary”. I’m from Memphis so I’ve heard just about every rendition of Proud Mary possible, but Billy Strings’ version was really special and unlike any I’d ever heard before. - Dylan S.

“Honestly…I just wanted to try SUP Yoga. I was excited about the music and everything too, but stand up paddle boarding on the lake looked really fun. It’s harder than it looks!” - Anonymous

I live in Buena Vista now and I was really excited to check out the festival I kept hearing about. It was an amazing weekend. - Megan W

“I had such an incredible weekend running around with my family. The weather was perfect. I’ll be back! - Peter R

Cole Ford <cole@mta1.com>

Tue, Jul 2, 1:32 PM (23 hours ago)

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“I seriously appreciated the overall intimate vibe that the festival seems to have captured, especially in today's age where most festivals are "mega-festivals" filled with lines, high prices, and unfortunately trash. I went last year and was able to re-connect with a family that had two little boys, that we deemed the "Dino-Bros", who were ripping bikes around the majority of the day with dinosaur helmets. We met their Mom and Dad last year and we all got to sit down and catch up for a bit. I'm not aware of many other festivals where that happens. I think the intimate vibe works cohesively with the family atmosphere that CFTC accurately pitches.

For such a small intimate event the lineup is incredible, year after year. During Billy Strings set it was almost felt like a private Billy show.

The actual festival grounds, with the river running through the grounds and the town of Buena Vista are breath taking, plus the numerous activities BV has to offer such as mountain biking, main street, rafting, hiking, etc. So fun.” - Cole F.